Welcome to Business Management Blog!

Hi there, and welcome to Business Management Blog. The reason I started this blog is to share as much useful information and experience-based insights that I can about business and, more specifically, about retail. I’ve learned a great deal about this type of business from my experiences as a territory manager with an elite, international Fortune 500 company.

My role in this retail organization involves the operational and strategic oversight of a network of 24 retail sites in major urban markets in Canada. This network consists of roughly $50M-$60M of physical assets and generates about $230M in annual sales. I receive detailed and high-level reports about these stores’ performances, and I drive around to each site regularly and conduct lengthy discussions with the business operators. I also get a chance to see first-hand how marketing initiatives created by head office are executed at the site level, and the logistical and customer reception aspects that must be considered in brainstorming such initiatives. We run a tight, heavily-controlled business and as such produce amazing results and maintain a ~25% market share in our particular industry. I still have a lot to learn and I hope that my learning process continues for the rest of my life, and my goal with this blog is to provide you with some learnings from my experiences, observations, and formal training.

I would like this blog to be an open dialogue if any of you have any questions about the content I write or about any of your particular situations. I am here to chat and answer questions that will benefit you so please don’t be shy and feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks again for checking out my blog. Please drop back here regularly as I will be posting fresh content frequently.

See you soon,



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